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When a Lead goes 'HOT' can I move this on easily?

Rated 5.00 starRated 5.00 starRated 5.00 starRated 5.00 starRated 5.00 star Updated: 25 March 2011 12:30:18 OpenCRM OpenCRM::Leads OpenCRM::Opportunities

Very easily... by selecting any Lead and then Converting, you will create a Contact, Company and Opportunity.

This will then allow for a structured follow up of the opportunity, based on Sales Stage, Probability, Close Date, Value, Product interest and many more values that you can determine.

  • Go to the Lead in question
  • Select the CONVERT button
  • Fill out the details required
  • This will create a Company, Contact and a new Opportunity

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20 December 2011 14:39:20

I always wondered what the convert was for - very useful!

Grahama : Thanks - its always nice to see when features are being used.

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